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Welcome to R & G Firearms

R&G is always looking to buy quality firearms. Estate collections or individual pieces. If you have items for sale contact us for a bid.

Located in the Oklahoma City area, R & G firearms is a web based retailer specializing in the sale of quality new and pre-owned firearms. We offer collector grade estate firearms as well as custom defensive and target firearms from the top gunsmiths in the country.
  From custom 1911's and Hi powers to big bore custom revolvers and lever guns. We try to offer only items that we would personally own and be proud to have in our collection.

R & G is not a full service operation. We work full time jobs and do this out of our love for the shooting sports. So bear with with us and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Please go to our "terms page" for purchase and trade in information.



                               ************** A note about RG firearms******************

R&G firearms is not and has never been affiliated in any way with RG aka Rohm Gmbh the German arms manufacturer. If you own a RG revolver or pistol first let me extend my sympathies. Second if you need a part I suggest you check with Numrich gun parts corp. Third if you have suffered an injury as a result of being brave enough to fire one of these finely engineered German masterpieces please do not call me to demand compensation (it happened).