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We recently bought over 100 Charles Daly semi-auto parts guns from OWS. All are incomplete, obtained from Charles Daly in Harrisburg, PA when they shut down several years ago. Many different manufacturers made guns for CD but I believe these are AKKAR. None have barrels, some have bolts, butt-stocks and forearms. A few have mag tube caps. A very few have trigger systems. Most are 12 gauge but a few are 20 Gauge.

Best bargain is to bid on the ones we have listed on auction. I will list individual parts below Numrich price. Plus Numrich is sold out of most parts.

Models we have logged in so far

Field Hunter
FS Slug
Field Hunter Maxi Mag

We have many with consecutive serial numbers.

If you are looking for a part email email us and I will see if we have it.

12 Gauge action Bar