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My Behlert guns

1. Colt 1911 A1 U.S. Property gun. Built on a 1924 transitional gun (which would have been worth several times over unaltered). Built in 1980 for a Oradell New Jersey police office officer. SW sights, Bar Sto barrel and hard chrome.

2. Browning Hi Power "Mini Combat 9". Built on a 1976 commercial BHP. The mini combat has 1" cut from the length of the slide and 5/8" cut from the length of the butt. 10 round mags.  S&W sights, finger groove, extended thumb safety, hooked trigger guard, and hardchrome.

3. Colt series 70 Combat Commander 45 acp. Bar sto barrel, Behlert sight, Barsto barrel, squared trigger guard, checkered grip strap, top of slide reprofiled to serrated rib, ambi Swenson safeties, and hardchrome.

4. Smith and Wesson Model 58 41 mag. 2 3/4 barrel, magnaport, ball detent in crane, round butt conversion.

5. Smith and Wesson Model 25-5 45 Colt. 2 3/4 barrel, magnaport, ball detent in crane, round butt conversion.

6. Walther PP 380. S&W sights, hooked trigger guard, checkered,  and finger groove. Pictures

7. Smith and Wesson model 19. 6" slab barrel with bo,mar rib.Pictures

8. Colt Series 80 38 super. Compensated, Clark barrel, Behlert pivoting trigger, stippled, and Bomar sights. Pictures

9. Smith and Wesson Model 39-2 "Mini Combat". Chopped, ball cuts, reprofiled slide top with integral sights, hooked trigger guard, and hardchrome.

10. Colt Series 70 45 acp "Mini Combat 45" with Seecamp double action conversion. S&W sights, finger groove, holster cuts on slide, screw in barrel bushing, and hardchrome.

11. Remington Rand 1911A1 US Property gun "Mini Combat" 45 acp. Chopped, Behlert sights, reprofiled serrated rib slide top, hooked trigger cuard, finger groove, and stippled.

12. High Standard Supermatic Trophy. Early 60's gun with douglas bull barrel, trigger shot and action work.

13. Colt Series 70 Government 45 acp. Reprofiled serrated and ribbed slide top, extended safety, squared trigger guard, Behlert sights, and stippled.

14. Walther PP 22. Twin to the 380 listed above.

15, Browning Hi Power. Finger groove and stippled. Hardchrome.

16. Browning Hi Power Combat 9. The combat 9 is a standard grip with 1" cut from the length of the slide. Stippled front and rear, S&W sights, Hooked trigger guard, wide trigger, screw in barrel bushing, extended thumb safety and hardchrome.

17. Browning Hi Power Mini Combat 9 built on a 1969 Commercial BHP. Hooked trigger guard, extended safety, finger groove front strap, stippled front and rear grip strap, Behlert screw in bushing, Bar sto barrel, Smith and Wesson Sights.

18. Ruger MkI 22lr. Douglas bull barrel. Match sights. Stippled.

19. Colt series 70 Combat Commander 45acp. Ramp front sight, Behlert "Gold cup" style adjustable rear, Behlert finger grove, stippled, Behlert hooked trigger guard.


I have been collecting Behlert custom guns for a few years now. I am frequently asked how to tell a Behlert custom gun. I have listed a few of the things I look for below.

Behlert signature traits.

1. Markings. The easiest. Below are a few of the markings I have observed on Behlert guns.

2. Hooked trigger guard. Not squared as most gunsmiths of the era were doing (although Austin also squared them).

3. Finger grooves. A very few others were doing this also but Austins were unique. He silver soldered a ring around the grip then shaped it.

4. Screw in barrel bushings. His own design and distinct from any other custom gunsmiths. Common on his "Mini Combat" 1911 and BHP chopped down guns. Some encompass the guide rod. some look a std. 1911 with longer legs. The barrel will have a ring silver soldered around it that mates with this bushing for lockup.